Greetings!  I am a freelance photographer who has been shooting professionally for over 25 years. I've covered a lot of ground in that time, and have always loved how much the world opens up for you when you're curious and ready to explore.  So my motto is 'Have camera, will travel'!  


I appreciate your looking over the site; I know there's a lot to see, so here's an overview of the type of work I do.  Thank you! 

BUSINESS:   PRODUCTS > in a location setting, or with studio lighting.  

I once shot a catalog for a company that made surgical parts, called 'Intermedics Orthopedics'. As I recall, I shot over 200 pieces of equipment.  Very specific work, requiring exact lighting, no reflections, etc.  Shooting products is a very satisfying type of photography.


I've also photographed items for people selling their work on Etsy. Usually that's something we set up outdoors, in some pretty surrounding.  But this too, may require studio lighting. Whatever it takes, I'll help you make your product look beautiful! 


Headshots  >  studio / or location


Corporate Events & Parties:  I've been shooting corporate events & private parites for many years now. I'm very comfortable with people, and helping them feel at ease while they have a quick photo taken of themselves. I keep the process simple, yet organized & painless!   

Note:  I was also the Events photographer for the Frank Erwin Center.  (1999 - 2002).  As well as the Official Event Photographer for the Austin Aqua Festival.  (1992, '93 & '94)

PORTRAITS:  I love working with family portraits, or taking pics of kids in all their glory.  By all means, include the family pets too if you like!   My own two dogs are definitely a part of my family.  They loosen things up anyway; although I do suggest having someone along to handle them in between takings pics of other family combinations. 

TRAVEL:  Ask me! I'd love to do more of this type of work! 

DIGITAL COLLAGE:  This is something I love to do, and would be more than happy to consult with you, regarding any type of needs you may have for layout or art design work. This is easily incorporated into BRANDING your product.  Combine it with image(s) of your product, and create something really memorable & dynamic.  I have a great deal of Photoshop experience, so please - don't hesitate to inquire.  This is something that can be kept very simple, or as intricate as you like!

MUSIC:  When I've finished downloading images from 25+ years of shooting live music (!!) -- I'll also be offering pricing for purchasing prints. I'll be offering limited edition prints on most of the images. A larger selection will be made available for viewing on Flickr too.

Note: An attachment listing the bands I've shot over the years (over 400 bands) - can be emailed upon request as well.  

Because there are so many band shots to pull, scan & touch up, they'll be added to the site on an ongoing basis over the next few months.  There will be a special section on touring bands, the Joe Ely Band, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Sir Paul McCartney!

Regarding Paul McCartney: I was selected by McCartney's art direction team, to do coverage during the grand opening of the San Antonio Alamo Dome in 1994. I spent the entire day & evening, shooting pics of the band in an on site studio set up, as well as shoot the full performance.  A very big job, but a fantastic time had by all! Definitely a highlight of my career.

TV COVERAGE:  Good Morning America / Profile segment on Sting, using 5 of my images.


BOOK CREDITS:  'Stevie Ray Vaughan, Soul to Soul', by Keri Leigh 

'All the Rage: My High Life with the 'Small Faces',  'Faces', & 'Rolling Stones', by Ian McLagan

PUBLISHED BY:   The New Yorker magazine, Chicago Tribune, Austin Chronicle, The Austin Statesman, Rolling Stone magazine, Guitar World magazine, Bass Player magazine, Stereo Review magazine & more...